I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship…

Hi!  I’m John, Artistic Director of Urban Yeti Improv in Anchorage, Alaska.  In an attempt to give our audiences and fans some insight into the art of improv comedy, I have created this blog to share with you the challenges, the opportunities, when directing a group of people to perform short and long form improvisational comedy.  This is meant to share, meant to enrich and I hope you will feel free to comment and share your thoughts on our work at Urban Yeti.

Improv has been a passion of mine since I started performing back in college at Washington State University with Nuthouse Improv Comedy.  No other art form can offer as much connection to fellow performers and to the audience.  My wife and I hope to build Urban Yeti into a center for the arts in Anchorage.  I hope to learn from those who are willing to teach me, I hope to learn from you who are reading this.