Cast Members

Mallory Hanus
Owner, Performer

Mallory has been studying and performing improvisational theatre for the better part of her adult life. She was born in Alaska and raised to love rock and roll. When she’s not on stage, she enjoys poker with friends, HBO programming, and not shoveling the driveway. She’s excited to further spread the good-improv-word around Anchorage and looks forward to seeing you at the next show!

John Hanus
Artistic Director, Performer

John has been performing improv going back to his college days at Washington State University. Originally there with Nuthouse Improv, John also performed and directed with Scared Scriptless here in Anchorage for a couple of years. He just wants all of you to know, he loves Half Life.

Aneliese Palmer

Aneliese is a native of Eagle River, Alaska. She started improvising at 17 years old with Scared Scriptless and realized how great it is to do theater without memorizing lines. She was a member of Harvard’s Immediate Gratification Players while in college, focusing on long form improv. She loves Alaska, and is happy to be home and performing with Urban Yeti!

Erik Dahl

Erik Dahl was born and raised in Anchorage, after which he left for college only to come back only to leave again only to come back again. He’s been described as an engineer with an outburst problem, a nerd with a gym problem, and “that short Jewish-looking dude”. He has been performing theater since middle school, and improv since high school. He is a big fan of body hair, which was a perfect fit for Urban Yeti.

John Parsi
Performer, Director

Some say he is the love child of Harold Ramis and Eugene Levy. Others hypothesize he is the product of too much education and not enough friends. He wandered to Alaska in 2010 looking for something and has yet to find it. Instead he found Improv, which is more than he had before. A reformed speech and debate nerd he won three national titles in college and then squandered his talents by becoming a lawyer.

Mary Jo Mrochinski

Mary Jo was given George Carlin’s Class Clown album by her father, without his realizing that this would prove to be a seminal moment in comedy history. Raised in the cradle of the free-speech movement in Northern California, she was a standup comic, until she got hooked on improv comedy by Jim Cranna from the Committee. Since then, she has played from San Francisco to Los Angeles with Groundlings and UCB Theatre, and finally brings it to Anchorage, Alaska.

Josh Rhoades
Support Staff

Josh Rhoades leads a life dancing awkwardly between quiet desperation and simple truths. He went to the desert to find himself and came back years later more machine than man; communicating strictly in “beeps” and “boops.” Rehabilitation has been slow. Everyone has been commendably patient. Every so often you look into his distant, cold eyes and it’s like there’s something there. Then the flicker is gone and he’s talking about the machine again.

Mike Rutledge
Support Staff

With the wit and charm seemingly designed for a dimly lit backstage, Mike brings minutes of technological experience to the Urban Yeti Improv machine. Craving the untamed wilds of the arctic, he moved back to Alaska – and the reassuringly tamed civility of Anchorage – in 2008 after a decade long absence. Mike’s wife has long suffered through his parade of insolence with the undying patience only a mother of two could endure.

The Urban Yeti

No one knows where exactly the Urban Yeti came from or what drove him to create one of the funniest improv troupes ever seen in the Last Frontier. What we do know is he loves to roam the streets of Anchorage as just another Alaskan. He has been seen in parades, fun runs and even trivia nights. Who knows where he’ll pop up next, but one thing is always guaranteed: Where the Yeti goes, fun follows.