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The Harold & After Dark

Urban Yeti continues it's exploration of long form improv comedy by going back to the beginning. The Harold format is what started it all and we are happy to bring it for the first time to Alaska. Come laugh as we build the Harold set out of a single suggestion and take the audience on a journey through worlds made up on the spot. Then stay for After Dark: high intensity, uncensored short form improv. You yell it out, we take it to work, no restrictions, no judgement, no holds bar. You haven't experienced improv comedy until you have seen the Urban Yeti.

Tickets are on sale now, $8 online and $10 at the door (for AET shows). Don't be left on the outside looking in for the best comedy to hit the 907!


Urban Yeti on the Road

Urban Yeti is always looking for more performance opportunities around Alaska. Bringing laughter to audiences in Anchorage is just the beginning...

The Yeti will journey to Juneau to perform at the Alaska State Improv Festival (ASIF) from April 23rd - 26th. We'll be joining groups from Chicago, Boston, Seattle, Portland and more. Check it out at asifest.com.

Check back here for updates on road trips we are currently planning. The Yeti is always hungry for more improv!

Welcome to your Anchorage comedy headquarters

Urban Yeti Improv is the best comedy troupe to hit the Anchorage scene. It's hilarious, fresh, and the most fun you can have with your clothes on. You can find the elusive Urban Yeti performing at the Alaska Experience Theater in downtown Anchorage on the first Saturday of each month.  It's a beautiful venue and beer/wine is served at our shows.
Shows at Urban Yeti are improvised, meaning every show is unique.  The formats, though, are by season so we can always Challenge our performers and give our audiences something new.  Please, take a look around. We’re glad to have you.
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