Urban Yeti Announcements

Now Showing: 2 Player & After Dark!

Satiate that hunger for nostalgia with Urban Yeti's newest show, "2 Player". Come watch as Urban Yeti tips it's hat to the duo by performing one acts completely built on the two player scene. Shows start at 8:00pm and are, as always, followed by the hilarious, uncensored, 18+ show "After Dark" at 10:00pm. Beer and wine will be served.

Raid your couch for quarters and get your tickets now!


Welcome to your Anchorage comedy headquarters

Urban Yeti Improv is the best comedy troupe to hit the Anchorage scene. It's hilarious, fresh, and the most fun you can have with your clothes on. You can find the elusive Urban Yeti performing at the Alaska Experience Theater in downtown Anchorage.  It's a beautiful venue and beer/wine is served at our shows.
Shows at Urban Yeti are improvised, meaning every show is unique.  The formats, though, are by season so we can always Challenge our performers and give our audiences something new.  Please, take a look around. We’re glad to have you.
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